Get to Grips with Skateboarding for little people – Skatehut skateboard review.

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Munchkin loves to be outside and consequently we love our outdoor activities and are always looking to try to find new interests. Skatehut offer a fantastic range of beginner skateboards, perfect to try out a new skill to add to Munchkin’s repertoire. After all, its important to try as many things as we can when they are young and fear free to see where their interests lie.

When it arrived, a little Munchkin couldn’t wait the get his safety gear on and have a go. As always, here are our thoughts in our Skatehut skateboard review.

Safety first

Well straight out of the box, Munchkin was excited and ready to jump on. With anything like this though its important to think of safety first.

First its important to protect that little developing brain and Skatehut have a fantastic range of kids helmets to choose from. I went for a classic style and Munchkin immediately looked so mature and ready for the skate park, but most importantly, safe.

The helmet was a good fit (rare for Munchkin’s unexpectedly large head he inherited from me)(sorry!), and easy to adjust, ensuring comfort, whilst stylish and safe.

The other important joints weren’t forgotten either with easy to fit knee pads, elbow pads and wrist protectors. We received the padset which included knee, elbow and wrist protection in one handy set.

When Munchkin was fully protected, then he was ready to give it a go.

Modern design

Skatehut’s range of kids skateboards really stand out for their design. Given Munchkin’s favourite colour is purple, it was easy choice to select this Skatehut skateboard.

So chuffed with his new board, it was Christmas come early

I love its classic comic style design. Its funky and fun, like skateboarding should be. Its well built too, strong and sturdy – even passing the Daddy test.

10 minutes later he was balancing. Though it may take longer before we go to the skate park like he wanted!


With a current lovely discount. This skateboard, pad set and helmet comes in at £25 for the protective gear and £34.95 for the skateboard. A perfect gift any little person would love to find under the tree this Christmas.

Start them young

As I said in the intro, I think its important to try out new things when our kids are young.

As as adult I remember the feeling of being fearless as a child so I think its important to monopolise on that and try new things and skills while they are still young. Before long, all that fear sets in us adults know well which can certainly stop us in our tracks when trying new things.

skatehut skateboard

I can’t wait to try this out in the garden, and one day in the skate park…

Have you wanted to try skateboard with your little one? Check out Skatehut as a great place to begin your skateboarding adventure!

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