Travel System: Cosatto Review

Before we even starting trying for a baby I’d already picked my travel system. It was all about the brand. It’s quality, it’s distinctive style and the companies passion and personality. It had to be a Cosatto.

Here is our Cosatto Review

Cosatto Review
Munchkin agrees too!

Design – Cosatto Review

Firstly the design. There are just so many dull travel systems on the market and Cosatto challenge that with their beautiful patterns. You’ll often find Munchkin staring up and sometimes chatting to the foxes ?. It also perfectly compliments our woodland nursery design and is perfectly gender neutral for baby 2.0.

A versatile off-roader

Our Bundle

We went for the Wow, whole nine yards bundle of travel system from 0-4 years which included car seat, carrycot, i-size isofix base, changing bag and footmuff. This came with the dock car seat for the early days up to 15 kg then a toddler seat lasting all the way up to the mightly toddler size of 25 kg. Its everything you need to get around for one child up to the age of 4, though you will need a new car seat when they outgrow the dock.

The carrycot is suitable for occasional overnight sleeping, and easily fits to the same chassis which will later serve your energetic toddler. The dock and toddler seat be fitted in both directions; facing you first, then turned to ready face the world.

Out and about

In the early days, when you get to the car, the Dock simply lifts off the pushchair frame, and gently locks into place is its isofix base. This ease makes it easy to transfer from car to pushchair even when the little one is fast asleep.

Comfy I-size security

I-size car base means it’s super safe too, and the safest on the market at the time. Which made us super happy parents knowing Munchkin was always protected.

The travel system comes with complex instructions (like most products), but when these are worked out, simple systems to adjust tilt or collapse. The toddler seat comes with a detachable insert – making it easy to clean and allowing a quick change from winter mode, for the cold chills, to summer mode when the sun comes out to play.

The system comfortably fits in my average sized Ford Focus car boot, and can be collapsed with or without the seat part attached.


It was at the higher end of travel systems yet still a few hundred pounds short of some of the other big brands and came with more included in the package. It’s easy to use and versatile, handling poor pavement and off-road adventures with ease. It’s easy to navigate and simple to adjust. Its everything I expected for the price.

Cosatto review – two years on…

Two years on, the system is exactly like day one (minus the car seat which was quickly grown out of due to Munchkins very long body). Now in toddler mode, it still handles a good national trust property visit, easily navigating from track to grass. The bodywork has suffered a few scratches, but it is not meant to be damage proof, so that is expected. The easy to clean covers look just like day one however.

If I bought another travel system, I’d still buy the Wow bundle again!

Overall, I love the brand and this travel system is fantastic. But when it comes to buying your travel system go with your heart, as we found Cosatto purely based on design.

Oh and also wait for the sales! Over nine months of pregnancy you are likely to go through three sale periods at least ?. There’s no point in paying more than you have to, just make sure you can return it, just in case.

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