The Next 2 Me to Nursery Transition

The time to move have his nursery transition and move into his and big boy cot, which could be feared by some, came at 9 and a half months old. This may seem late, but tied in nicely with the move from our Munchkin breast feeding in the evening and throughout night to purely bottle fed. A change which made us happy parents as this was the first solid week he also slept through the night. Phew. At last!!

We followed the advice on this one, moving the next 2 me slowly on a journey from bedside to his Nursery. Day by day, for a week (and a bit…).

It started by moving to the bottom of the bed with the side up and… this was a normal night ?. We were worried, being sleep related and being knackered new parents, that any change would upset him. Thankfully it was all good so far.

Then moved closer to the door for two nights. Phew, we breathed a sigh of relief, still fine.

On day four it was the new room. You can imagine this being the biggest of changes. It probably has a different smell, different acoustics, and a different pattern the lights make on the ceiling. Some adults don’t like sleeping on holiday for these very reasons. It must be crazy for a baby at 9 and a half months.

nursery transition
Munchkins new cot in his woodland nursery.

We got through to 3 am in sweet slumber but at 4 am Munchkin woke. Half an hour of rocking though and he was back to sleep. This wasn’t anything we weren’t used to. And this is exactly all I thought was different…

Day 5 he went down at 7pm to wake at 8:40pm. ‘This is what he keeps doing’ I’m told. I was none the wiser. ‘He wakes, has a little moan for a bit then gets back to the land of nod’.

Well that’s news but its all good, apart from this time, he didn’t go back to the land of nod. We believed it was down to the demon of night poos! So after a change and little rock and all was sorted and he was sleeping again.
Sleeping again for a whole, maximum of, 10 minutes. So we rocked again and he slept. He woke again, we rocked, he slept again. This pattern continued until the final rock to sleep At 11pm. Exhausted we rocked him, went to bed ourselves and, luckily he slept through the rest of the night.

The next step was the big cot! This came on day 7 after a another reasonably rocky day 6. This made us nervous. Very nervous. Especially after the madness of days 5 and 6. But in this big cot, with lots of space to roll and wake, there was not a single peep!

The cuteness of a sleeping Munchkin.

And to this day he sleeps like an angel. We think he just teased us with a few bad nights ?.

Hope the transition went/goes well for you when its time for your little one.

Thanks for reading,

Daddy and Munchkin

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