Make some Easy Free Money this Christmas

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Sounds like a scam right? Well, its good to be careful but this isn’t one. Although, It isn’t really free money either as you’ve got to put in a bit of work.

But if you want some extra help this Christmas, here’s some helpful tips. As in this day and age of financial worries with the cost of living crisis it’s useful to be able to get some easy money.

There are obviously other schemes doing similar things. But the four below are tried and tested by us and work.

Earn £50 answering some questions with YouGov

I’ve dabbled in multiple survey sites over the years and YouGov has always come out on top.

At the basic level you can answer surveys and get rewarded in points for each one. Amass 5000 points and trade them in for a £50 gift card or money straight into your bank account. It’s a little work but the reward is worth the little time you put in. Surveys vary in points, but I’d estimate the typical is 50 points for a 15 minute survey but I have seen more on offer too.

If you want to hit the 5000 points quicker you can then go further, by sharing your streaming and gaming data. Let them see your Netflix and Prime history and they give you more points each week you submit it. Who minds them seeing you watch Squid game after all?

If you then want to go one level further you can and let them track your internet usage for each more points. I did this for a while but then noticed it stopped other things working, but it may work for you.

Earn cashback on your Christmas purchase with Quidco

I’m still always surprised how many people have never heard of Quidco. If you shop online, you need to use it!

Quidco give you cashback for nearly everything you buy online, so its very useful at Christmas. Simply search for the company, and click a link. The cashback tracks and appears in your account in the future.

It may not a quick process, but its nice to think my Christmas purchases now may give me a nice bonus next summer. Ive always said It’s amazing how many times I have needed some money or fancied a treat and there’s been plenty sitting in my Quidco account ready to be spent.

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Get paid to play games with Mistplay

If you are into mobile gaming, I’d be surprised if you hadn’t see an advert for a Paypal linked cash out game and downloaded it only to find you get £1 away from cash out and suddenly stop earning.

Screenshot from Mistplay website

There is a solution. Mistplay is a tried and tested game tracking site. It works a little like Quidco. You go into Mistplay to open the game you choose. You earn rewards for your time spent, and more if you buy things and over time you can transfer your units into real money.

Switch bank accounts to get an easy bonus

I’ll let Martin Lewis give the actual details for this one, but the premise is simple. Banks pay you rewards to switch to them and its really rather simple if its covered by the current account switch service.

We changed banks earlier this year and one month later had a free £200 in our account!

See the details of current bank switches on money supermarket.

Have you got any other tips for free money? Let us know in the comments

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