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The Adventures of Daddy and Munchkin

My Wifey for lifey and my thoughts aligned when we both decided to share parental leave and give our Munchkin a equally weighted start to life. I started this blog to share my experiences.

Why do you take so many photos of me?!

Many months on from shared leave, I still now continue to share as there are few Dads who do. So here I will share my thoughts, experiences, and the occasional product review.


Nine months a Nanny and Natalie

Well letโ€™s start at the very beginning. I knew that Stephen and Natalie wanted children and would not hang about in producing a little bundle of joy. So it was summer 2018, just 18 months after getting married, that I was handed this envelope. This opened to produce a pop up cube with a scan […]

An average week of Daddy and Munchkin

After a lovely weekend, which of course every weekend is, that dreaded Monday comes around again. Mummy leaves early in the morning and we are left to our own devices again. When I say dreaded though it’s just that we miss her, not that we aren’t looking forward to a wonderful week of Daddy and […]

Munchkin’s first Halloween ๐Ÿ‘ป

The holidays are one of the things I just couldn’t wait to share with our Munchkin. As an adult who never went trick or treating as a child, I can’t wait to take him in the years to come. For this year though, it was seeing his first glowing pumpkin, and wear all the scarily […]

Daddy’s Yo-yoing Weight Loss Journey

I don’t think talking about weight loss or gain is a common thing us men do, but neither is writing a daddy and baby blog so here goes. Growing up, I’ve always been the ‘token fatty’ of the group and then it all went further downhill at university where the endless nights of booze, takeaways […]

Things I’ve learnt on this journey called parenting

After 8 months of Munchkin madness here’s a few things I have learnt along the way… 1: Advice is often conflicting With a new baby comes a barrage of information. There’s the NHS website, NHS courses, private courses, staff during pregnancy, after pregnancy and post natal care. Oh and then there is other websites, apps […]

A Solid Six to an Experimental Eight Months

The biggest changes in the smallest amount of time. At the start of month 6, Mummy was looking after the Munchkin, the Munchkin who lived solely off breast feeding, who played on his back, didn’t know he had feet, lived in single use plastic nappies ๐Ÿ˜”, still looked like a baby and barely knew the […]

Product review: Coccobaby Water Play Mat

Coccobaby water play mat reviewed

reusable nappies

The super reusable Nappies you can use again and again

With baby's come nappies which results in a ton of plastic with the well known brands. Here is our reusable nappies review.

Munchkin’s Favourite Eight – Top baby Products

The ‘favourite’ eight top baby products for a Munchkin like ours at 7 months of age. Doomoo The doomoo, I would say, stands for ‘do more’. It’s a comfortable bean bag seat with a safety harness for little ones, but changes to a seat without the harness for children up to 30kg. This was a […]

Recycle more with Terracycle

If, like me, you want to reduce the amount of plastics that end up in landfill you’ll be interested in Terracycle. Terracycle is a company with three streams of recycling. There’s only one relevant to me, which this post is about, which is the free recycling. The free recycling programmes are funded by conscientious companies […]

The Plastic Problem and our Promises

Unless you’ve been living under a rock it’s likely been unavoidable to know about the plastic problem on this planet. To tackle our plastic footprint, reducing single use plastics are the swaps we started with and there have been some easy switches I’ve made. (Though there are plenty more to make too). It didn’t happen […]

Travel System: Cosatto Review

Before we even starting trying for a baby I’d already picked my travel system. It was all about the brand. It’s quality, it’s distinctive style and the companies passion and personality. It had to be a Cosatto. Here is our Cosatto Review Design – Cosatto Review Firstly the design. There are just so many dull […]

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