In the recent months I have been invited to write guest blogs for other blog sites/companies.

6 Tips on avoiding the Lockdown Lows

With ‘the’ virus running rampant many of us are either furloughed or staying home to stay safe. While this may be the dream for some, its difficult for the majority. Spending some time doing some little things could help, and here are six ways I have avoided the lockdown lows myself…

Our back door to nature

To introduce myself; I’m Stephen, a Daddy blogger and parent to a 16-month-old Munchkin. I’m a currently furloughed Product Development Scientist and alternatively pouring all my efforts into Munchkin development. As much as I enjoy this temporary role as a ‘Munchkin Development Scientist’, I am keen to return one day to developing assays when its safe…  

Plastic-free Swaps to Save the Planet

If you’ve made it to the Kite Nest blog, it’s safe to say you haven’t been living under a rock. You know about the plastic problem facing the planet. There are many easy swaps to take and if we all changed even just a few things, it would add up to a whole lot of good plastic reduction.

Let’s collab.