Christmas gifts for a 4 year old
Christmas gift ideas for a 4 year old

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As a 4 year old, Munchkin loves to role play and is hard to keep inside in the colder months. Here is our Christmas gift ideas that we (and Santa!) got for our 4 year old this year.

Hulk smash hands

Since receiving a hand-me-down Hulk smash fist last year, which is slowly breaking down and leaving green sponge around the house, Munchkin has always wanted some more.

These were a cheaper alternative to Smyths on Amazon.

Batman dress up

If its not Hulk or black panther its batman and I cant wait to see Munchkin running around saving Gotham city in this.

This set was best value at £15 at Argos.

Octonaught’s above and beyond Gup-K

Until meeting Santa, one of Munchkin’s top requests were Octonaughts biggest vehicle the Gup-K (They will run out of letters soon enough!)

So this one would have come from Santa but its likely been downgraded to us now as we’ve moved on!

You can find this Gup-k on Amazon

Paw patrol

One thing Munchkin has been asking for ages is more paw patrol toys so Christmas shall deliver!

First we found the original marshall and rumble to add to his existing set on a fantastic tesco clubcard deal and then added the Mighty movie police car too.

Chad Valley wooden adventure play set

Given Munchkin loves a bit of dress up and role play, my wife found this cute, adventure set for only £8 at Argos!

Orchard toys dinosaur game

We love Orchard toys games. Fantastic for learning numbers and letters, turn taking and those first game mechanics.

Given Munchkin has excelled in maths and English since starting school we thought he deserved a fun game with Dino-snore-us.

Orchard toy games are often cheapest at Amazon

Plum playhouse

Finally we wanted one big purchase (because we love a bit of building late on Christmas Eve night), and we also wanted something to be enjoyed in the garden in early Spring.

This Plum playhouse was super reasonable at £115 at Argos. It may need a little decoration to brighten it up like some window flower boxes but itll be perfect when the weather changes.

And there’s no door to lock his brother out either!

and finally…

If you know us you’ll know we love Lego. (find our top Lego sets for Christmas here ➡️)

But we’ve tried to wait for his birthday for more (plus we know I’ll get some around Christmas and he will get more for his birthday).

But Munchkin new this and adjusted his requests according until, then visiting Santa Munchkin threw a curveball. With a last minute change of his request from paw patrol and Octonaughts to Ninjago Lego. We quickly had to find and buy this (plus Daddy would be disappointed without some Lego to build on boxing day!).

Ninjago Dragons rising lego set – as if we didnt have enough Lego vehicles…

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What did you get your 4 year old for Christmas. Let us know in the comments..

Daddy, Munchkin and Sprout

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