Daddy’s Yo-yoing Weight Loss Journey

I don’t think talking about weight loss or gain is a common thing us men do, but neither is writing a daddy and baby blog so here goes.

Growing up, I’ve always been the ‘token fatty’ of the group and then it all went further downhill at university where the endless nights of booze, takeaways and general lack of intense exercise saw me balloon by another stone a year.

Me at my heaviest in third year

During my teens and early twenties I always though my problem was fatty foods. I loved a good dessert, a mature cheddar and all the meat. I recently found a notebook where I went anti-fat in 2010; no chocolate, cheese, ham, high fat mayo, packet sandwiches or crisps with one long walk, run or cycle per day. I tried that for at least 6 weeks and I dont remember loosing a ounce.

So in 2016 I changed my tact. What if it wasnt fat but sugar that was the devil? It made sense too as sugar metabolises quickly and fat slowly. So when I would eat a fatty meal but drink a ‘full fat’ coke and have a dessert my body would metabolise the sugar for the quick release of energy and store the fat. By limiting my sugar intake, my body would be forced to use fat for energy and I would lose weight.

Feburary 2016 saw the start of my first sugar elimination diet. I elimated all desserts, all sugary drinks and all added sugar, but to keep some sweetness I kept natural sugars such as fruit (some sugar diet advice tells you to elimnate bananas, but i love a banana!). I started at 105.3 kg (a hefty 16.6 stone). By March 2017 I had dropped to 93 kg (14.6 stone). That was so close to my goal of 90 kg, but then the sugar devil got me and I relapsed.

This is when the yo-yo affect began, I would start exercising and elimating sugar in February, but at the nights draw in from September i would happily put away a large slice of cake with a few glasses of wine during Strictly or Bake off. Consequently, the weight would pile back on.

The yo-yo effect

There was also a little pressure from people. Sometimes people wouldnt understand why I wouldnt share cake on a birthday and there was a general opinion of ‘one slice won’t hurt’. But i knew that one slice could easily lead to falling back to a full sugar diet, and full sugar weight gain.

So now its 2019 and this was the year I would ‘make the change for good’. I decided it was time to change my lifestyle permanently, rather than take on a ‘diet’. I began eliminating sugar and started running again in February at 101 kg (15.9 stone). Like previous years the weight has quickly dropped off.

September 2019

Now as i write this blog post in October I am so so close to my goal for the first time! At 90.4 kg (14.2 stone) with just 400 grams to go!

The next challenge is resisting at Christmas but I think I’ve got enough evidence from my historical weight gains to save me from too much temptation.

Thanks for reading,

Daddy and Munchkin

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