Shortly after debuting on Instagram our little Munchkin was approached and became a brand ambassador. We now represent these brands, each with a cheeky discount.

Big Potato Games

One for the adults and families with older children. I have 15% off at Big Potato board games who produce fantastic games such as P for Pizza, Don’t get got and 20 second showdown. Ask me for a recommendation then save using code BBMUNCHKIN. For recommendations contact me or drop me a DM on Instagram.

Montessori Choice

The latest child arrival.

Eco friendly educational toys and gifts for toddlers and children.

Use code munchkin for 15% off and visit using this link.



We have 10% off stunning dried floral reefs, bouquets, hairbands, wedding flowers and more at Sun Soaked Florals. Use code MUNCHKIN10 or visit using this link. Here’s the lovely pieces we have in our home.

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