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A post from Nanny of Munchkin with an update

Living In the Present

I'ts easy to be hooked to our devices. I had realisations and thought of some ways to get back in the moment with my little terror of a toddler and start living in the present.

Montessori Methods at Home

Here's a quick what to do to set up Montessori method style at home and how we've done it

Munchkin’ing around at Hobbledown review

Day three of our UK getaway saw us at Hobbledown. A place Munchkin recommends! This is our Hobbledown review.

A Howl-oween at Chessington Review.

Day two of our UK break saw us at Chessington during Halloween week.

A National Trust Double Down

Two National Trusts, One Toddler, One Day, and one new favorite.

Big Fish Little Fish – Our No. 1 baby class

With the multitude of baby classes here's our recommendation.

The Return to Not Quite Normal

When the letter to return to work arrived my heart sank, whilst many may have struggled with lockdown and restrictions, we have relished in the bonus time together with our little Munchkin. If you have had a hard time, I am sorry and don’t worry, for that I feel very guilty. But with a 15 […]