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Munchkin’s (/mostly Daddy’s) Favourite Six toddler products at 2 years old

It was at just 7 months old I wrote the last favourite eight products. 16 months later his tastes, or rather ours, have changed. Here are our top six toddler products. 6. A Tuff Tray This is essential if you want to contain that messy play from the rest of the house and gives Munchkin […]

Stay Happy Working from Home in Lockdown

Here are my seven techniques to staying content working from home in the current situation

Five tips for a New Dad

You are excited, but apprehensive. Everything changes. Here are five tips to support your partner to build a happy home for the new arrival.

Other Ways to Reduce Your Environmental Impact at Home

I've done many a post on reducing plastic so here's things you can do at home to reduce your emissions and waste and help save the planet

10 things I’ve Lately Learnt as a parent.

Last time I wrote one of these posts things were different (find it here). We were allowed out of the house for non essential reasons, Munchkin was a tiny 8 month old, and our biggest fears were feeding Munchkin the right things. So at two years old, here’s the latest things we have learnt. 1. […]

A Cleaner, More Sustainable World with Reusable Cloth Nappies

Being sustainable in parenting is about setting yourself up for success and making even one small change can make a very big difference. Cloth nappies are one of mine.

Never Having Second thoughts

My Life Choices A post by Nanny of Munchkin As I approach a rather big birthday, I can look back on my career and feel rather pleased with how things went, would I have done anything different? Absolutely not. I knew from the age of 11 that I wanted to be nurse, followed by a […]

Start 2021 by Preventing Plastic Pollution.

While there's enough going on right now, and the headlines focus on other issues, plastic is still a problem for our planet.

Koh review

Koh review – The all in one cleaner

One product which cleans the bathroom and the oven, but is safe for kids toys? I didn't believe it, so i had to give it a go. This is our
Koh Review

Happy New Year 2021

Happy new year and thanks for reading the first post of 2021. 2020 may have been a rubbish year for many, so let me start by sharing my condolences with the people who have suffered or lost a loved one. With Lockdown 3.0 starting as I write this, it’s hard to be optimistic about the […]

Building the Festive Magic in Munchkin

As Christmas approached, the magic built up in Munchkin. Looks like he's going to love this 'Chrismaaaaas'.

A Covid-Cursed Christmas

While we have it better than most, being in tier two, not locked down alone in London, or self isolating and suffering with the wretched virus, its safe to say this has and will be a Christmas to remember. Rewind six weeks or so, My Mum (You may know her as Nannyofmunchkin when she writes […]