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The Adventures of Daddy and Munchkin

My Wifey for lifey and my thoughts aligned when we both decided to share parental leave and give our Munchkin a equally weighted start to life. I started this blog to share my experiences.

Why do you take so many photos of me?!

Many months on from shared leave, I still now continue to share as there are few Dads who do. So here I will share my thoughts, experiences, and the occasional product review.


You Choose The Title

Well the first thing you will notice is the title, or lack of! I thought of 'The right time to die', 'A fantastic father and family' and 'A challenging time with Corona virus' and nothing felt quite right..... so you choose the title

Losing a Loved one in Lockdown

I started this blog thinking the hardest thing I would write about would be the hardest parts of parenting like the tantrums and sleepless nights but this is far harder than any of those. This is exemplified by the fact I have put it off for weeks now. But I think now, the time is […]

The Constant Lessons with a Little One.

Everyone knows that parents either learn a lot or just constantly wing it. So now Munchkin is now a toddling, more communicative, more hilarious, ever lovable ball of pure joy, there’s a few more lesson’s I have learnt on the journey called parenting. 1. Weaning them = changes in mealtime expectations for you. If you […]

Avoiding the Lockdown Lows

Lockdown can be tough. Here are five ways I avoided the lockdown lows so you can too

Our Latest Plastic Free Promises

While we may be all distracted by COVID-19, the environment is still suffering under a ton of plastic. Here's some simple swaps with our latest plastic free promises

Covid-19 isolation and Staying Sane with a One Year Old.

When it came to covid-19 isolation we knew this would be hard on Munchkin. His usual week changed suddenly. Here's how we survived...

A ‘magical’ first Christmas

Christmas for Munchkin really began early December when the tree entered the house. He’s always been mesmerised by nature and now there was a tree standing in his living room. Then came the shiny decorations, tinsel and most importantly, the lights. Woooah! All the rest of the lights went up around the house and then […]

The Next 2 Me to Nursery Transition

The time to move into his nursery and big boy cot, which could be feared by some, came at 9 and a half months old. This post is all about that bedside cot to nursery transition.

The Best Job in the World. A Nanny.

A post by Nanny Well it’s been a month of me (Munchkin’s Nanny) looking after munchkin. I am only doing one day a week as amazingly I seem to have become very busy since I retired! I worked for the NHS for 40 years but decided last spring that I had had enough. I lost […]

Nine Months of Preparation and a fair bit of Panic – Our Birth Story Part 1

You watch the adverts and films where discovering that your wife is pregnant is magical. Well, that's what I expected too. Our birth story, part 1.

Munchkin’s firsts from the first first he conquered.

From birth to 9 months, this post is there to celebrate all of Munchkin's firsts he has conquered so far

Nine months a Nanny and Natalie

Well let’s start at the very beginning. I knew that Stephen and Natalie wanted children and would not hang about in producing a little bundle of joy. So it was summer 2018, just 18 months after getting married, that I was handed this envelope. This opened to produce a pop up cube with a scan […]

The Latest of Daddy and Munchkin

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Reducing our usage and plastic

Daddy has reviewed our top four National Trust properties

We had a hellish night, but with this knowledge would have worried less

Daddy is staying sane and has some tips


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