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The Adventures of Daddy and Munchkin

My Wifey for lifey and my thoughts aligned when we both decided to share parental leave and give our Munchkin a equally weighted start to life. I started this blog to share my experiences.

Why do you take so many photos of me?!

Many months on from shared leave, I still now continue to share as there are few Dads who do. So here I will share my thoughts, experiences, and product reviews.


As its fast approaching…The Best Games for your Christmas Party!

It's not Christmas without a good few board games. So here's some inspo. Merry Christmas 2022.

nursery - worth the cost

Nursery – Worth the cost?

Nursery is great for development, getting school ready but can cost a pretty penny, so is it worth that cost?

Seriously, Take Kids Camping!

Some of my best childhood memories came from the camping trips I had with my Grandparents and Mum. Here's why you should take kids camping!

Mutable Review – The ultimate multi-activity table.

Our top toddler product is the Mutable by Mukako. Here is why in my Mutable Review.

Fire HD 10 kids tablet and Amazon Kids+ review

If we like it or not, technology is a huge part of life even for children. We recently bought a Fire HD 10 Kids as a treat for Munchkin. Here's our review.

save money in the cost of living crisis

Save Money in the Cost of Living Crisis

With everything increasing in price, its fair to say this cost of living crisis is going to hit a lot of people hard. Here are my tips to save money and lessen the pressure

Combating Low Confidence

I have always had two sides. The confidence people see, And the trepidation, the nerves, the anxiety I feel inside. Here's the tools I use to beat low confidence.

Count with Peppa

We were kindly gifted Count with Peppa Pig. Here is our review.

Daddy’s Top 6 Big Potato Party Games

As parents, there's still times we need to put the kids to bed, get the beers out and enjoy a game or five. Here's six games to enjoy with the mates with my Top 6 Big potato party games

Prep Tips for a Pandemic-Era Back to School Season

While back-to-school prep always seems to frazzle parents, starting up school amidst a pandemic makes things more challenging. Here's some tips for a smoother return to the school year.

Get Toddlers Involved

Raising good little humans can start very young. From as little as 1 year old, Munchkin wanted to help around the house and by letting him help, we feel we are raising a well rounded human. Here is our advice to get toddlers involved.

Go Wild at BeWILDerwood review

Based on the book series by Tom Blofeld, BeWILDerwood is a magical forest playground for the whole family. Here is our bewilderwood review.

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I shared my own mental health challenges

Daddy designed a decorative wall for a small amount of what it could cost

We reviewed the Fire HD 10 and Kids+

A fantastic first tablet for children

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