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My Wifey for lifey and my thoughts aligned when we both decided to share parental leave and give our Munchkin a equally weighted start to life. I started this blog to share my experiences.

Why do you take so many photos of me?!

Many months on from shared leave, I still now continue to share as there are few Dads who do. So here I will share my thoughts, experiences, and the occasional product review.


Bedside Cot – Chicco Next 2 me Review

Your new arrivals first sleeper is an important decision. It's got to fit your budget, be safe and comfortable and support that new little ones early development. For us, it was a Next 2 me. Why? Well here's our Chicco Next 2 Me Review.

Sundown Adventureland Review

Me and Nanny always said about taking Munchkin to Sundown Adventureland, as we went when we were young. Here is my review. It did not disappoint.

Worth the Side Hustle? Top 4 Options for Stay-at-Home Parents

The work never stops, but that doesn't mean the money is coming in. Here are four side hustles to earn extra income working from home

Making a Toddler Wall on a Budget

Its nice to give children a space that feels their own and its nice to save some money in the expensive world of parenting. Here's how we made a toddler wall on a budget.

Febrile Convulsion in Children

It was a very hot day in May. From fun splashing in the sunshine came a night in A&E. I wish I knew about Febrile Convulsions before...

Encouraging Children to Read

Statistics always show low numbers of children that read so here is our tips for encouraging children to read from an early age.

Our National Trust Top Four

Munchkin loves a good dose of nature and so does our mental health, so here is our top four National Trust properties to visit for the ultimate woodland day out.

The Big Jump back to Normality

The Covid situation seems to be looking up. But with the return to normality comes big changes and my sense of apprehension returns.

Ways for Dads to bond with a Newborn

From the moment you enter the maternity ward, your world flips upside down. You used to be the decider of your sleep schedule and knew roughly what time of day it was by how you felt. Suddenly, as you appear from that sauna hot room of first cries, sweat and tears, everything has changed. Your […]

Twenty hours to parenting…

Our Birth Story Natalie returns from a long term at work ready for a half term rest, a week before the Munchkin or Munchkiness is due to arrive. We didn’t know what we were due to have as we wanted the surprise. Whilst I’m still at work, Natalie has a week off to prepare, pack […]

Anticipation 2021

As we approach Summer and the potential end of “lockdown” and our journey on the “road map” out of the restrictions, we must all be feeling a slight wave of trepidation...

Splosh Review

One source of plastic in your home is household products. Splosh reduce plastic use completely. Here's my review

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We are still aiming to help the environment

Reducing our usage and plastic

Daddy has reviewed our top four National Trust properties

We had a hellish night, but with this knowledge would have worried less

Daddy is staying sane and has some tips


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